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We have a passion for healthy living and it starts with the food we put into our bodies. Many years ago, we started growing our own food from our Tower Garden as a way to save money and get the best quality because we knew exactly what was going into our food. Now our goal is to make healthy produce accessible and affordable for everyone whether you want to grow your own or buy direct from us. We believe strongly in local farming so that you get the freshest and most nutrient dense fruits and veggies. All of our produce and seedlings are sourced from organic, non-GMO seeds.

-Derrick and Wendy

Why eat aeroponically grown produce?

According to a scientific study conducted by the University of Mississippi, the nutrients in produce grown in the Tower Garden are comparable to the nutrients in produce grown in the best soil conditions. Because we control the nutrients that our plants receive, we know that each crop harvested has the highest nutrient density. So when you consume our produce, not only are you getting the highest quality but you are contributing to the preservation of our environment because the Tower Garden system uses 90% less water and 90% less space than traditional farming.

Meet the Team

Derrick Chan

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Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Biology. After working in healthcare administration and seeing the issues within the healthcare system was inspired to help people prevent disease through a healthy diet and lifestyle and rely less on the healthcare system. 

Wendy Loh

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A self-made entrepreneur, chocolatier, and philanthropist who commited to living a healthy lifestyle and has dedicated her life to educating and serving others to help them make better choices on their health journey.

Dr. Kenneth Chan

Has served his community as a pulmonary and primary care doctor for over 40 years. Now uses his knowledge and experience in medicine to help others with a holistic approach to health. Recently retired, now enjoys photography, fishing, and magic.

What our customers have to say...

Erin K.

Towered Up has been a fantastic and incredibly helpful partner in bringing my Tower Gardens to life. When I have had questions about maintenance of the tower, pruning plants or discouraging pests, Derrick has responded quickly with solutions and ideas. Towered Up keeps a wide variety of seedlings growing and I have successfully transplanted them into Tower Gardens at our home and school. The Towered Up location in town is convenient and the customer service is top-notch!

What is a Tower Garden?

Maintenance Services

We offer services to setup and maintain your Tower Garden so you can relax and enjoy your fresh fruits and veggies.